What is Noticias Globales?

Noticias Globales is a bulletin that is sent by electronic mail dedicated to the defense and promotion of the human life and the family from the 7 of March of 1998.

Noticias Globales, that in a beginning was called News of the UN, shaped an idea that was taking shape since 1990 and was born of the need to inform. Often, those of us who dedicate ourselves in one way or another to the defense and promotion of human life and the family miss more information.

Everyone in their sector, within a very broad framework of interests, needs, increasingly, a reliable, constant, sufficiently detailed information, based on the documents of international organizations, to report on programs and decisions that undermine fundamental values. and they are reflected shortly in the particular legislation of each country, each province, and each city.

International organizations and an innumerable number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) -many of them with the category of UN consultants-, with the most varied pretexts -all of them covered with a cloak of altruism-, put into practice an overwhelming variety of measures that do not respect human dignity.

At the same time, States have less and less freedom of action to reject those programs and projects, a tangle of international agreements and treaties, as well as international public opinion, play a leading role in creating an international environment that is blindly favorable to human rights that do not respect fundamental rights; to an environmental ethic elaborated to justify the ambition of the central countries; to a concept of a quality of life that denies the right to life of the poorest and most defenseless, etc.

The variety of topics is obviously very broad. Some programs and projects of international organizations are proposed for laudable purposes. But do we understand the same thing they do when we study them? These organizations, have not implanted a perverse language, in which what is hidden is more than what is expressed ?. Do we not verify in the facts -from the reports that arrive from different parts of the world, that with their actions they deny what at first sight appears in the documents ?.

The Global News bulletin aims to inform and document what is only a global domain project of developed countries. A new cold war.

“The multiplication of attacks increasingly insidious against the defense and respect for human life – said a few years ago John Paul II -. The unbridled race to hoard and exploit the property of the earth by a privileged few sets the basis for another form of cold war, between the North and the South of the planet “(08-05-93).

This is confirmed by the Global Report 2000 of the government of the United States, expanding what is written in the Rockefeller Report and the Kissinger Report. The Global clearly states that the central countries must use the United Nations monitoring system to impose new international laws.

Therefore, it is not only a matter of controlling the birth of the poor but of imposing a new value system that accompanies, collaborates and fosters, as if it were a moral imperative and essential for the existence of humanity on earth. The process of economic globalization, which is at the service of the interests of the developed world.

For that, it is intended to “remake” societies, submitting them to a process of “social re-engineering” -a term that appears in some international documents-, imposing a “new ethics” based on “the new paradigms”: the new family paradigm , the new paradigm of gender, the new paradigm of human rights, the new paradigm of health, the new paradigm of law, especially international law, and even a new religious paradigm impregnated with an unacceptable relativism.

If it is tried to submit to all the countries, imposing new ways of life, it is to realize the dream of all the great totalitarianisms: the total domination of the world; and as it is logical, this project of universal dominion tries to erase all traces of Christianity in the “new globalized society”.

The new order has chosen its divinity. As an ideological successor of social evolutionism, his new god is the New Man, autonomous, author of his own norms, essentially equal to the New Man of Marxism or Nazism. The dogmas of the new order are democracy, ethical relativism, self-determination, freedom and tolerance, all at the service of the strongest.

As Cardinal Ratzinger says, to believe that in the person of Jesus Christ and in the faith of the Church “there is a binding and valid truth in history itself, it is qualified as fundamentalism”, because “it constitutes the true attack on the spirit of modernity, it presents as the fundamental emerging threat against the supreme assets of modernity, that is, tolerance and freedom. ” For the prophets of the new international order, the woman or the man of faith are the enemy.

Of course, the system has not only convinced propagandists and promoters, but also – and perhaps that is the worst -, with a multitude of people, intellectuals, religious, politicians, for whom dialogue with this new ideology is still possible. In practice, they try to satisfy their interlocutors by “giving in a bit,” and they always lose that “little” they have given and much more. The unfortunate thing is that those who lose are not only themselves, but entire peoples and societies.

To illustrate these pages we collect a paragraph from His Holiness John Paul II in the letter to Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop of Baltimore and President of the Pro-Life Activities Committee of the United States Episcopal Conference. The words of the Pope clearly describe the situation that crosses not only American society but the entire world: “At the end of the twentieth century we are witnessing a singular paradox: the sacredness of human life is denied, appealing to freedom, democracy, pluralism and, even, reason and compassion. As the bishops’ statement emphasizes, words have lost their meaning, and we have stayed with a rhetoric in which the language of life is used to promote the culture of death. Freedom has separated itself from the truth, and democracy, from the moral values necessary for its survival; an erroneous notion of pluralism loses sight of the common good; Reason often refuses to deal with truths that transcend empirical experience; and a false sense of compassion is unable to face the limits and demands of our nature of created and dependent beings. The language of human rights is constantly invoked, while the most elementary of rights, the right to life, is continually violated. The bishops have identified the source of this contradiction in the moral confusion that inevitably derives from ‘the gradual restructuring of American culture according to the ideals of utility, productivity and profitability’. Often the confusion is so great that many people believe that the opinion of the majority determines the difference between good and evil, and even the traditional points of support of human life, such as family, law and medicine, are sometimes they put at the service of the culture of death. In these circumstances, Christians must act. It is a fundamental requirement not only of following Christ, but also of democracy, that flourishes when ‘convinced people expose their opinions with great vigor, with all the ethical and legal means available to them’. This is not easy in a situation where the doctrine of the Church is sometimes deliberately distorted and those who promote it are despised. But you can not allow any of this to cloud your vision or diminish your energies. ”

It does not escape us that some will qualify us, among other things, as negatives. For us, the virtue of being positive does not mean denying or hiding evil, but pointing it out and denouncing it, so that each one, according to his abilities and scope, helps to repair it. Those of us who make Global News do not conform to the fashionable cultural discourse, we reject the unique, politically correct thinking.

Our hope is not to seek paradise on earth, or to create virtual worlds, so as not to complicate our lives. “Christ has conquered death and sin,” Cardinal Lopez Trujillo wrote a few years ago, and his victory is the guarantee of the triumph that should animate our hope. The culture of life will prevail: “You killed the author of life. But God raised him from the dead, and we are witnesses of it. “(Acts 3:15) Here is the reason for our sure hope.

To finish, we can only say that Global News is being made as the months go by, it is not a static project. We are looking for new reliable sources. We find many manifestations of the “culture of death” in laws and regulations of specific countries. Whoever reads these pages, has documented information, and wants to share it, can send it to our writing and we will make it known.