USA: Catholics and Elections

USA: Catholics and Elections

August 14, 2008 0 By Rosina

Catholic voters who support candidates favorable to abortion, euthanasia or embryo research “commit moral evil”

The Catholic Bishops of the State of Kansas, Bishop Joseph Naumann, Archbishop of Kansas City; Bishop Ronald Gilmore, Bishop of Dodge City; Bishop Paul Coakley, Bishop of Salina; Bishop Michael Jackels, Bishop of Wichita, published a new guide for the Christian voter insisting that favoring candidates who support abortion by voting ” is morally wrong “. In the joint document, they affirm that Catholic voters who support candidates favorable to abortion, euthanasia or embryo research ” commit a moral evil ” (the sin of cooperation to evil).

The document goes on to say that despite the other reasons voters may have, they should not vote for favorable candidates “to abortion, to euthanasia, to assisted suicide, to the destruction of human embryos in stem cell research and cloning, “otherwise they would be cooperating with evil.

Some Catholic voters, says Life News, justify their support for abortion candidates such as Barack Obama, justifying that they would appear to be closer to Catholic doctrine on social issues.

However, the Bishops of Kansas insist that abortion, euthanasia, and experimentation with human embryos are “acts that constitute an attack on innocent human life and are intrinsically evil, that is, they are evil in themselves, regardless of our opinions or other circumstances. ”

“In view of that, we cooperate to moral evil if we vote for a candidate who has a permissive stance with respect to actions that are intrinsically bad.”

We recall the statements made by many American bishops from the year 2000: ” the position on abortion is a determining factor that qualifies or disqualifies a candidate to receive the vote of Catholics, because without detracting from other themes of social doctrine of the Church, The murder of the unborn child affects the first of human rights – the right to life – on which all other rights depend. The magisterium of the bishops does not favor or oppose any party, but in compliance with its apostolic mandate, guides the faithful on how to judge when voting “(see NG 799 ).

Note also the letter addressed by the then Cardinal Ratzinger to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington, on the occasion of the Assembly of the Episcopal Conference of the United States, held in Denver, from June 14 to 19, 2004, in which it was expressly stated: ” There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion among Catholics regarding going to war and applying the death penalty, but not, however, with regard to abortion and euthanasia “(see NG 664 ).

The Bishops of Kansas continue, “When you can not elect any candidate who avoids support for all intrinsically bad actions, we must vote in such a way as to allow the least harm to innocent human life and to their dignity. we would not act immorally if we had to vote for a candidate who is not entirely morally acceptable in order to defeat those who are an even greater threat to human life and dignity, “they conclude. END, 08-14-08

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