Online Gambling A Major Problem, Says Vatican

Online Gambling A Major Problem, Says Vatican

November 6, 2018 Off By Rosina

Gambling In the Vatican: How Technology and the Internet Is Influencing the Mind’s of the Young

When we think of people that suffer from gambling addictions and wasting their money on high-stakes hands, our mind floods with images of Las Vegas and people leaving the strip with a sense of dread and guilt. Although this vision of ours may hold some merit, new reports are coming in that the Vatican — a country known for its immense devotion to religion and the epicenter for dealings pertaining to the Pope — may be facing a new problem. Moreover, new data suggests that the Vatican is going through an interesting set of negative dependencies that are influencing the younger generations.

According to representatives that work within the Vatican, addiction to online gambling, negative internet websites and lewd behavior is on the rise. One professional — Nicolo Pisanu, President of Pontifical Salesian University — says that the ever-increasing addiction to technology and online activities are the true culprits of these manifestations. Pisanu feels as though the internet is a technological breeding ground that not only creates unhealthy desire but generates dependency in the minds of the youth.

Mobile Casino UK: How Gambling Impacts the Western World

To further understand Pisanu’s beliefs, one must first examine the ever-growing platform of online gambling and recreating the casino experience for mobile users. Mobile casino UK users, as well as the North American market, are bombarded with a variety of enticing and interactive games that allow them to gamble from the comfort of their own home. In fact, many players feel as though they would rather enjoy the atmospheric adventure from the comforts of their bedroom or office as opposed to a noisy casino. Casinos like Pots of Luck, Dream Vegas, Casimba and Slots Heaven give users a plethora of signup bonuses and incentives that keep them on their platform and investing hundreds of hours in gameplay. What’s more, these platforms provide real-cash jackpots that actually pay the user for investing their time and effort into the games they provide.

This type of instant gratification and quick access, in Pisanu’s opinion, creates personality traits that are not conducive to a successful society. In fact, certain sources report that the UK’s gambling market draws in over 1.2-billion dollars on an annual basis. These same statistics reveal that one percent of the population living within the UK will suffer from their gambling habits. Even more alarming is that individuals aged twenty-five to thirty-four seem to be the most susceptible to gambling addiction as they represent 0.7% of the total number of gambling addicts receiving treatment.

In simple terms, our society is becoming increasingly connected and our online activities are becoming more seductive in nature. Although some feel as though the Vatican may be overly sensitive to the topic, one this is clear: Gambling and the negative consequences it creates is here to stay. When we begin to address these underlying issues, we can start the healing process of the younger generations.

The Truth of Addictive Gambling

With the statistics presented on the table in front of us, we can clearly see an underlying issue: addiction to gambling can change even the most devoted of countries. None of us are safe from the unforgiving grip that high-stakes risk and reward can provide a person in the course of seconds. If you, or perhaps someone you know and love, suffers from gambling their money away, seek help from trusted professionals. No one deserves to see their life’s fortune lost within a night. The first step in treating this issue is knowing when to seek the guidance of others to alleviate the cravings.