Is CBD sinful? Or a gift from the lord?

Is CBD sinful? Or a gift from the lord?

August 8, 2019 Off By Rosina

God’s natural creation is never sinful; it is what man does to it and with it that can turn its use into sin. The Bible contains references to many medicinal plants and herbs. In religion, every part of God’s natural creation has a purpose to God’s plan. There are times when we, as humans, may not understand the purpose or the plan. Nonetheless, our lack of understanding does not make any of God’s natural creation a less purposeful gift. For instance, hemlock killed Socrates. Since that time, however, scientists have accumulated much more knowledge about the poisonous plant. The medical profession now uses hemlock as an ingredient in the treatment of a variety of ailments.

There should be no lack of understanding at all where CBD is concerned. The project, DidCBDWork, cites many of the health benefits to God’s children, and God intends for His children to be healthy. This includes possible potenital for the symptoms of fibromyalgia, anxiety, and other well known conditions. 

This article in the Examiner, attempting to explain why some Christians and the church may think CBD use is sinful, starts out with erroneous comparisons. The statements are likening CBD to opioids and other addictive medications. However, neither CBD nor marijuana is, in fact, an opioid. That CBD and opioids may both be used to reduce chronic pain is where any likeness begins and ends. There is no doubt that there is, and should be, concern when people misuse opioids. If that is the argument they’re going to use, it becomes even more ridiculous when the question isn’t also whether or not the use of medically-prescribed opioids should be considered sinful.

Any natural substance on this earth can be misused, but the misuse is what makes the substance sinful. Morphine, derived from the poppy seed, is a useful opioid pain-killer. When that substance is misused, either by an overuse or by over-processing it with many chemicals to make it into heroin, it becomes sinful. In such a case, the users and the drug’s manufacturers are sinning ina search for a .

Just as one should never take such a strong and addictive medication like morphine except under the recommendation and supervision of a physician, one should not take even such a relatively benign drug like CBD in any other way. At this point in time, there are too many unknowns about CBD and how it affects each individual person and case. Sometimes a higher dosage of THC (the element giving an intoxicating effect) needs to be used to make CBD effective for some people in some cases. If that is necessary, only a physician would be able to determine this and make efficacious adjustments.

The idea that CBD is sinful is as silly as it is false. If a doctor recommends that it can or might help, there is no reason to refuse to use it. There have been countless examples where it has helped people with a variety of ailments, and that is an important part of God’s will for man. In our opinion, CBD is one of the Lord’s many gifts to humankind.